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Britain's Queen Elizabeth S 21, ushered in the 88 birthday, the British royal family released the new queen portraits. The black-and-white portrait of the royal family released a photo was taken in Buckingham Palace last month. The photo, the queen wore three string of pearls, grin, clothes are made of an already serve her 10 years of personal assistant and Queen's stylist. It is reported, the actual birthday of chanel replica Queen Elizabeth S in April 21st is a Saturday, but officials usually choose June, help her birthday, selected in June 14th this year. Last year, the queen at Windsor Castle and family low-key celebrated his 87 birthday, and attended her favorite horse racing. According to reports, the Queen's latest portrait is a "Britain is extraordinary" government plans to entrust shoot, the plan aims to promote trade, tourism, investment and education, the queen is Britain's best image ambassadors, an estimated $500000000 in foreign exchange for the absorption of sightseeing.

Elizabeth twenty in more than 60 years, from 1951 to 2009, President Truman, President Obama, a total of 11 American president have boarded the queen meeting list. Someone jokes: Queen Elizabeth with God like life, called water president, made of the queen. In 1939, 13 year old Elizabeth saw where Prince Philip of Greece to study and "fall in love at first sight in the British Royal Navy school". That year, Philip 18 years old. In November 20, 1947, when a tall, graceful replica chanel bearing of Prince Philip, from the time of King George VI of England took the princess Elizabeth's hand, the Royal story from beginning. Met 8 years later, Elizabeth and Philip got married. Because Elizabeth is the future heir to the throne, not married, Philip made one of the most important decisions in your life: give up the right to inherit the throne of Greece and joined the British nationality. In 1953, the Queen's coronation, Philip kneel and pledge to his wife: "Duke of I, Philip, Edinburgh, is willing to become your subjects to life and respect you; I pledge allegiance to you......". Elizabeth was crowned queen, King Philip also made a similar position, but his position always be the wife behind. In public, Philip had bowed to his wife and called her "Your Majesty", can only walk with the queen.

The real prince and princess met in 1939, combined with in 1947, that is to say they've known each other for 73 years, married for 65 years. This is widely a royal story read, however, this world is no fairy tale love, even the queen also fought the third. Prince Philip was born in the Greek royal family genetic father airflow, at the most famous peach list than the blonde lady Penny Romsey. Prince Philip and Penny first met in 1975, when Prince Philip, 55 years old, and Penny was only 22, is a postgraduate student of London Business School. Penny is to start from scratch millionaire Reginald Eastwood's only fake hermes belts daughter. Peng Niling, 55 year old prince love at first sight. In 1979 October, Penny married Lord Romsey, easily among the royal family circle. Over the past 20 years, Prince Philip and Penny's unique "friendship" makes the court look. They meet two times a week, even more frequently, and to participate in all parts of the country riding car. Once they dance, in a ball above veneer very affectionate, the presence of the guest cemu. Some people saw Penny sitting on a motorcycle on the arms of Prince Philip, Prince Philip and the "river tour car".

The relationship between Wang too epigenetic ago urged the queen more attention to her husband and Penny, but the queen for the avoidance of trouble, always "open eyes closed eyes". The queen mother was strongly opposed to Prince Philip of this friendship, and warned her daughter: "he was showing off the woman, you must restrain him." However, the queen mother to toe, declined to challenge Wang Fu. But any bear has a burst of threshold, the Queen's anger finally peaked in 2002. 2002 2-3 months, the queen mother and sister died, especially when Princess Margaret died, Prince Philip was still on vacation with Penny Romsey, and after obtaining the news did not immediately rush back, but second days back to Buckingham Palace. It is the holiday to fly to the queen, Prince Philip of the "ultimatum", asked him to accompany you, little lady Penny Romsey's hermes replica dealings with confidante. She told the prince Philip said: "I now more than ever need you here, I would like to accompany me to you more, reduce meet with her time." The court of Queen finally confront this ambiguous relationship, issued an ultimatum to Penny very surprised. A senior courtier said, the queen has been more than 20 years for the typical dignity, so accept relationship between Prince Philip and Penny. But my mother and sister has passed away, she felt very helpless and frustrated. A senior Royal sources said: "the queen is surprised to find himself so fragile,...... She wanted her husband often around." Allegedly, Prince Philip in the world has left the illegitimate child, and even the media publicly listed the lover's list, including more than 30 actress and ladies, and called them "the Duke Philip club members". This is cruel, but it is a fact, perhaps nothing in the world is the so-called love fairy tales, is perfect when opened behind not perfect truth. Britain's Queen Elizabeth S was 88 years old, although she is Britain's oldest monarch, but he is a fairly new old lady.